Our Urban Environment
Data, Interoperability and our Urban world
25th & 26th September 2018

to be followed by:

Integrated Digital Built Environment (IDBE)
26th & 27th Sept
460 Alexandra Road
Singapore, 119963

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As the world's population continues to urbanise , the available space for citizens to live safe and productive lives is under pressure. How do we find better ways to understand and use the space available in our urban communities while taking into account diverse and varied populations and landscapes? The capacity to collect and share high quality Location data is at the heart of understanding how we live, work and play in our urban environments and is key to helping us see the pathways to improving the lives of citizens.

This Location Powers event will explore areas such as transport, public safety , resilience and sustainability , building modelling, underground infrastructure, sensors and the IoT and the ever increasing world of big data and analytics. The event precedes meetings of the Integrated Digital Built Environment - a joint initiative of the OGC and buildingSMART international looking at how we bring into reality concepts , such as the Digital Twin, for our cities.








Summit Agenda

Data, Interoperability and our Urban world - September 25th and 26th (am) (1.5 days)

Integrated Digital Built Environment - September 26th (pm) to 27th

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Tuesday, 25th September
Time Session
09:00-09:15Welcome and Introduction to the Open Geospatial Consortium : Denise McKenzie - Head of Outreach, OGC (UK/AU)
 - Download pdf
09:15-09:25Welcome and Setting the Stage : Siau Yong Ng - Director, GeoSpatial and Data Division, Singapore Land Authority (SG)

09:25-10:15Spatial Technologies, Standards and Interoperability for the Urban Environment; where are we now? : Scott Simmons - Executive Director, Standards Program, OGC, (US) - Download pdf
10:30-10:55Actionable Insights from Multi-sensor IoT Systems using the OGC SensorThings API : Dr. Steve Liang - Founder and CEO, SensorUp, (CA – Remote Presentation) - Download pdf
10:55-11:20Big Data for Urban Environments : Ang Chin Han - Chief Technology Officer, Tuxuri SDN BHD (MY)
 - Download pdf
11:20-11:45Towards an Open Standard-based Underground Geospatial Data Model of Singapore : Gavin Chen - Manager, Geospatial and Data Division, Singapore Land Authority, (SG)
11:45-12:10Modelling the Subterranean City: Josh Lieberman - Director, Innovation Program, OGC, (US)
 - Download pdf
12:10-13:30Lunch - provided
13:30-13:55Implementing Smart Cities; Standards, Interoperability and Deep Learning for Disasters Monitoring : Prof. Jimmy Chou - Director, GIS Research Center, Feng Chia University, (TW)
 - Download pdf
13:55-14:20Don’t be in the dark—underground and above ground infrastructure in the spotlight : Carsten Roensdorf - Spatial Data Infrastructure and Digital Platform Lead, Ordnance Survey, (UK)
 - Download pdf
14:20-14:45Power from data; Innovative collection projects  for smart city applications : Daniel Kruimel - AAM PTY, Business Development Manager - SE Asia, (SG/AU) - Download pdf
14:45-15:10Semantic 3D Model based Solution for Smart Cities in China : Dr. Dong Huang - CTO, Terra IT (CN)
 - Download pdf
15:30-15:55Enabling the Smart Citizen: Crowdsourcing, Volunteered Geographic Information, and the Internet of Things : Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang - Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)/ Co-founder/CEO of GeoThings (TW)

15:55-16:20Urban Intelligence; IoT data integration and movement analysis : Kyoung Sook Kim - Research Team Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) , (JP)
 - Download pdf
16:20-16:45What I’ve learned from implementing GeoBIM in Real Cases : Sanghee Shin - CEO, Gaia3d (KR)
 - Download pdf
16:45-17:10Update on Smart Cities Activities : Peter Parslow - OGC Liaison to ISO/IEC JTC1/WG 11, Smart Cities, and Principal Data Architect, Ordnance Survey, (Remote - UK)
 - Download pdf
17:10Guidance for Day 2, Wrap up, and Close : Denise McKenzie - Head of Outreach, OGC (UK/AU)

Wednesday, 26th September
Time Session
MORNING (09:00-12:00): Sessions exploring real world location data sharing for:
  • Building and Infrastructure including 3D
  • Underground
  • Sensor Networks
  • Remote Sensing
  • Citizen Generated Data
AFTERNOON (13:00-17:00):
The Integrated Digital Built Environment (IDBE) is joint initiative of the OGC and buildingSMART International (bSI). It seeks to increase interoperability between the geospatial and built environment domains, specifically through coordination of standards development activities of the OGC and bSI. Creating the digital twin and progressing this work is vital to the evolution of our understanding and development within the world’s Urban Environments. We invite all organisations and individuals interested in this area of work to be part of this activity to progress global interoperability.
13:10The IDBE vision / activities : Jim Plume , Director, buildingSMART Australasia, Member, InfraRoom Steering Committee, buildingSMART International , Carsten Roensdorf, Ordance Survey)
13:30IFC - CityGML project at NUS : James Crawford, Ordnance Survey
13:50OGC activities in built environment : Scott Simmons, OGC
14:05bSI activities in built environment : Jim Plume
14:20Authorised Secure Certified Federated Digital Built Environment : Michael Haines, remotely
14:40Data sharing architectures - SCIRA : Josh Lieberman, OGC
15:20Breakout groups
16:00Comparison of IFC, CityGML and LandInfra summary : Tom Gilbert
16:30feedback from breakout groups


Sanghee Shin



Jimmy Chou


Dr. Dong Huang

CTO, Terra IT

Dr. Kyoung-Sook Kim

Team Leader, Data Platform Research Team, AIST


Denise Mckenzie

Head of Outreach

George Percivall

Chief Engineer

Scott Simmons

Executive Director Standards Program

Trevor Taylor

Director, Member Services-Asia & the Americas


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Meeting Location:

460 Alexandra Road
07-01 PSA Building
Singapore, 119963
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