Big Data Webinar
Thursday 22nd November 1300EDT

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The rapid increase of sensing and mobile devices is an unstoppable information source that is transforming human lives in incredible ways. Every two days the human race is now generating as much data as was generated from the dawn of humanity through the year 2003. Big Data is driven by the real time collection, analyses, and visualization of vast amounts of the information most of which has a geospatial or location component. The data was measured somewhere or it describes events at some location. Processing this enormous and varied stream of geospatial information with new big data techniques will bring new benefits to many applications in our world.

On Tuesday 20th September as part of the OGC's 100th Technical Committee meeting, the world's leaders in big geospatial data systems came together to not only to hear the latest developments but contributed to the collective discussion advancing the use of big data computing techniques applied to geospatial data with results in many applications.

A public webinar will be held on Thursday 22nd November at 1300 EDT to share the Big Data Whitepaper and outcomes of the Big Data Summit

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IoT - Sensor Webs

Mobile Location Services

Data Deluge

Geospatial Analytics

Open Source

Smart Applications

The benefits of big data are varied in their domain of application and type of benefits. Fortunately from a technology development perspective there is a high commonality of the use cases across the application domains. The figure below provides a set of Big Geo Data Use Cases that support most applications.

Webinar Agenda

Thursday 22nd November 1300EDT - Attend the Webinar

Session Presenter
Overview and introduction of Location Powers:Big DataGeorge Percivall, OGC
Management and Dissemination of Earth Observation Data in a Big Data WorldJeff Walter, NASA
Exploring Strategies For Optimizing Knowledge Derivation From ImageryDan Getman, Digital Globe
Summary and next stepsGeorge Percivall, OGC

Summit Agenda

Tuesday 20th September - Presentations available for download below

Time Session
08:15-10:00 1. Opening session and Keynote
2. Obtaining Big Data: From the Edge to the data center: Streaming, IoT, Imagery
Session Details:
1. Opening session: 2. Obtaining Data:
10:00-10:15- Break
10:15-12:003. Maintaining Big Data: Cloud, Data Centers, Databases, Information Models
Discussion on Sessions 1, 2, 3
Session Details:
3. Maintain and Access Data:
12:00-13:00- Lunch
13:00-14:454. Analyzing Big Data: Analytics for applications
Session Details:
4. Analyzing Big Data:
14:45-15:00- Break
15:00-16:455. Using Big Data: Applications - panel discussion
6. Opportunities - discussion
Session Details:
5. Applications - panel discussion
  • Chair: Mark Reichardt ,OGC President and CEO
  • Rapporteur: Joe Francica
  • Shaowen Wang - CyberGIS NCSA/UIUC
  • Charlie Greenbacker, In-Q-Tel
  • Lea Shanley, South Big Data Innovation Hub at RENCI - (Download ppt)
  • Jeff de La Beaujardière, NOAA - (Download ppt)
6. Opportunities - discussion

Event Recording

Recordings of each presentation


Webinar Speakers

Dan Getman

Digital Globe

Jeff Walter

George Percivall

CTO and Chief Engineer

Summit Speakers

Dr. Jibo Sanyal

Team Lead and Staff Scientist
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Professor Geoffrey Fox

Indiana University

Marcio Moura

Executive Architect, IBM Analytics CTO Office

Rob Emanuele


Jeff Walter

Mark McInerney

Rose Winterton

Product Director GIS and Applications
Pitney Bowes Software

Shaowen Wang

Peter Baumann

Professor of Computer Science
Jacobs University Bremen

Dan Getman

Digital Globe

Keith W. Hare

JCC Consulting, Inc.
Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 WG3 Database Languages

Charlie Greenbacker

Sr. Member of the Technical Staff​

Dr. Lea Shanley

co-Executive Director, South Big Data Innovation Hub
Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jeff de La Beaujardière, PhD

NOAA Data Management Architect

Akinori Asahara



George Percivall

CTO and Chief Engineer

Denise Mckenzie

Head of Outreach

Peter Baumann

Professor of Computer Science
Jacobs University Bremen

Scott Simmons

Executive Director Standards Program

Dan Getman

Digital Globe


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