Data, Interoperability and Agritech
Friday 8th December, 2017
Palmerston North Conference & Function Centre
Palmerston North,
New Zealand

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Few activities are more tied to location and geography than agriculture. Spatial data and geospatially enabled technologies are therefore critical to today's agriculture. Farmers and growers increasingly use spatial data to improve production practices allowing more informed decisions. This requires data to be shared between different agricultural technologies provided by different vendors. Location informed information is also becoming crucial for local, regional, and global food supply chain management and food traceability systems.

Government and societies’ support for agriculture relies on the efficient exchange by growers of information on the geographic extent and status of agricultural activities and related water and land resources. At the same time, Government and science organisations collect data that could greatly benefit the agricultural industry. Food security, food safety, and sustainable use of land resources require the sharing of information about agriculture with the food industry, with government, and also with citizens who increasingly want to know the provenance of their food.

New technologies allow us to gather more agricultural and related data than ever before at finer and finer spatial and temporal resolutions but bring associated challenges for data management and integration, system and data interoperability, data analysis, and sharing, and particularly for data privacy and trust. Such challenges highlight the urgent need for standards and best practices.



Data Deluge


Big Data

Open Standards

Trusted Systems

Summit Agenda

Friday 8th December 2017

This summit will bring together producers, technical innovators, scientists, regional and central government, and businesses to explore the opportunities and challenges of data, particularly location-related data, across the agri-food ecosystem. The presentations, conversations, and idea sharing will inform the future direction and work of the OGC so that, through collaboration with partners, it continues to develop relevant and useful standards that benefit agriculture globally.

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What is Location Powers all about and who is the OGC
Enabling eBusiness in agriculture – a global view
Agricultural data sharing issues and challenges from an NZ perspective
Precision Agriculture and spatial data
Farm information systems and GIS in agriculture and horticulture
Supply chains, distribution and traceability
Big Agriculture data
Interoperating with science and government
How OGC and geospatial standards can help


Jim Wilson

President & CEO, AgGateway Global Network

Andrew Cooke

Managing Director, Rezare Systems Ltd (NZ)

Josh Lieberman

Principal at Tumbling Walls LLC and Chair OGC Agricultural Working Group (USA)

Professor Ian Yule

Professor in Precision Agriculture and president-elect (2018-2020) for the International Society of Precision Agriculture, Massey University (NZ)

Mark Neal

Farm Systems Specialist, Dairy NZ

Owen Dance

GS1 New Zealand

Matt Flowerday

Owner, GPS-it Precision Land Mapping (NZ)

Alistair Ritchie

Environmental Data Architect, Landcare Research (NZ)

Sean Hodges

Manager Catchment Information, Horizons Regional Council (NZ)


Denise Mckenzie

Head of Outreach

David Medyckyj-Scott

Technical Director NLRC
Landcare Research

Christine Harper

Business Development Manager
Landcare Research


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Meeting Location:

Palmerston North Conference & Function Centre
Palmerston North, New Zealand

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