Smart Cities
2 December, 2014

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Location Powers: Smart Cities Summit focus is on understanding the location and place needs of a Smart City. The day’s journey will see us test our assumptions of what a Smart City is, explore the role of the citizen, look at how we “see” a Smart City, the fundamental infrastructure and how we understand a Smart City. Join us 2 December, 2014 for this free event and be part of how we shape the future of location in our Smart Cities.

what is a smart city?

The smart city and the Citizen

Visualizing Smart Cities

Social and Technology

Understanding Smart Cities

The Way Forward...

Event Agenda

TimeEvent Title
0900 - Location for Smart Cities (Denise McKenzie, OGC)
presentation download (4.5 MB)  :  video on youtube
Smart City & the Citizen
0930 Taichung City (Tien-Yin Chou, Feng Chia University)
presentation download (269.46 MB)  :  video on youtube
1000 - Smart City Indicators and Quality of Life - ISO (Michi Kohno, Creative City Designers)
presentation download (3.75 MB)  :  video on youtube
1030 - Morning Break
Visualizing a Smart City
1100 - CityGML & 3D (Carsten Rosendorf, Ordnance Survey)
presentation download (4.17 MB)  :  video on youtube
1130 - IndoorGML (George Percivall on behalf of Ki June Li, Pusan University)
presentation download (12.16 MB)  :  video on youtube
1200- Discussion & Workshop
video on youtube
1230- Lunch
Networks Social & Technology
1330 - Moving Features (Professor Ryoksuke Shibasaki, University of Tokyo)
video on youtube
1400 - Weather & the Smart City (Rich Carne, MetOffice)
presentation download (13.94 MB)  :  video on youtube
1430 - SensorThings & IoT (Steve Liang, University of Calgary)
presentation download (23.29 MB)  :  video on youtube
1500 - Afternoon Break
Understanding Smart Cities
1530 - Smart City Standards Architecture (George Percivall, OGC)
presentation download (9.09 MB)  :  video on youtube
1600- Expert Panel - What should OGC be doing to help Smart Cities? (Steve Liang, Michi Kohno, Professor Shibasaki, Steven Ramage)
video on youtube
1630 - OGC & the Smart City - Where next? (George Percivall, OGC CTO)
1700- Close


Steve Liang

SensorThings guru & Prof of Geomatics
University of Calgary

Carsten Roensdorf

Head of Advisory Services Middle East
Ordnance Survey International

Rich Carne

Chief Digital Officer

Michi Kohno

President & CEO
Creative City Designers Inc

Tien-Yen Chou

Director/Distinguished Professor, GIS Research Center
Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Steven Ramage

Ramage Consulting

Ryosuke Shibasaki

University of Tokyo


Denise Mckenzie

Head of Outreach

George Percivall

Chief Engineer


Registration for this event is closed.

This event is free of charge and will be taking place during the OGC Technical Committee meeting. Please register for the TC here if you are interested in learning more about the OGC.

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