Tuesday 5th September 2017
Geovation Hub, London

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Underground infrastructure, such as utilities, tunnels, underground buildings and other facilities is critical to the operation of cities. It presents a particular data and interoperability challenge because its location and condition is normally hidden by soil, pavement and other structures. Particularly in inner cities and transport hubs, underground infrastructure tends to be very dense and accurate, three-dimensional geospatial information about the location, nature, condition and relationships of these assets is often limited.

This workshops explores how better understanding of the relationships between underground assets with above ground infrastructure can be used to minimize service breakdowns, improve asset utilisation and mitigate the impact of disasters and how a tangible Return on Investment from a digital representation of underground infrastructure can be achieved.


Data Modelling

Use Cases



Open Standards


Sponsored by Ordnance Survey

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Tuesday 5th September 2017

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Carsten Roensdorf

Ordnance Survey

Andy Ryan

Ordnance Survey

Dr Katherine Royse

British Geological Survey

Alan Leidner

Director, Center for Geospatial Innovation, Fund for the City of New York

Dr. of the Underground

Map Maker

Speaker Amaze

Researcher of Awesomeness


Denise Mckenzie

Head of Outreach

Carsten Roensdorf

Ordnance Survey


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Meeting Location:

Geovation Hub
1 Sekforde Street
Clerkenwell Green,
London, England

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